Friday, March 31, 2006


Our boxes are getting better looking which every new game. The Doomsday box have a manual the same size as the DVD case. Wow! And it's all shining... Mmm

Someone answered my call for cool GalCiv2 ship designs. Click here to check them out. From what I understand you can download them to your own game and use them as well.

Thanks, now I can continue my galactic conquest...


Monday, March 27, 2006

Design decisions...

Have you tried to create a cool space ship in GalCiv2 lately? The problem is that my design sucks. Honestly. If you have any cool ship designs, pls send it to me at fredrik.l [at] I need something like a Star Destroyer to clean up the universe.

On a completely different note, aren't you all longing for a cool MMO RTS game? I surely do.

I also saw that people have started posting HoI2 Doomsday AARs on the forums. I know you won't easily believe my biased view that it's a great game, but you'll get a good idea what to expect from the game by reading the AARs.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Take Command 2nd Manassas demo

By now I'm sure you haven't missed that the demo for Take Command 2nd Manassas is out.

The demo includes The Gibbon scenario, the Brigade Commander Tutorial and the Division Tutorial.

To download visit Gamspot download

- Susana

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

French GalCiv2

I get a lot of e-mails regarding the French release of GalCiv2. We have just found a good distributor and will update you with release date early next week. So to all French people who want the game: hang in there, more information coming up.

Friday, March 17, 2006

New super weapons!

Our big May release is Rush for Berlin and we've just been informed that the game contains several super weapons! Read below:

· Maus: Weighing in at 188 tons, this was the Germans' mightiest tank. Hitler verbally placed an order for the Maus tank with Ferdinand Porsche on 8 June 1942. Two prototypes of the Maus tank were supplied to the Wehrmacht in 1944, but both were destroyed on the testing grounds before they could fall into the hands of the advancing Red Army. A reconstruction made up of parts from both destroyed prototypes is now on display in the Russian museum of Kubinka.

· Goliath: This was a light remote-control demolition vehicle (816 lb) which could steer explosives into enemy positions. Its original purpose was to blow up enemy positions or even tanks from a safe distance. Since the explosive charge could not be dropped, the entire vehicle was blown up in the process. In the game, the German Goliath destroys tanks.

· Messerschmitt 262: The Me 262 was the first jet fighter in the world to be used in battle against other machines. Its wings were of a revolutionary design and made it faster than any Allied plane. The German construction was the world's first jet-powered plane. The game features a whole mission focusing on the first jet plane in the world.

· T-28/T-95: The American Super Heavy Tank was intended to assert itself in attacks on heavy fortifications and be safe from any other tanks previously produced. A newly developed 105 mm quick firing cannon was to be its main armament. Though this vehicle was originally called the T-28, it was renamed T-95 after the decision was made to mount the gun on the front of the hull rather than on a turret.

· Rheintochter: A German anti-air missile that was to support their AA guns. It was radio-controlled from the ground.

· Sturmtiger: A combination assault gun and artillery vehicle. The lack of a rotating turret made the tank look like an assault gun. It was initially used as a supporting unit for bombarding fortifications and bunkers, and later in support of regular tank units.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A popular steel book

It seems like the GalCiv2 steel book limited edition was very popular among the gamers. We are printing new units for all markets already and in Germany, where GalCiv2 will be released March 24, we already have problems fulfilling retail demand. Great news indeed, we hope you enjoy GalCiv2 as much as we do.

A few weeks back I promised a Doomsday AAR. We actually had an MP session recently, but I was too occupied trying to defend my ComChina to write an AAR. I'll see if we can an AAR from someone else at the team.


Thursday, March 09, 2006


Played Take Command: 2nd Manassas yesterday. After getting my a** kicked by the CS, I only have one one advice for all people planning to play the game: Patience! (and some strategic thinking wouldn't be too bad either...).

If you're playing an artillery Captain (like I did), do not run to the front just to get some action. Wait for it to come to you :)

It all ended with my brigade being overrun and the confederates capturing my three remaining cannons. I'll report back when I have actually won anything in the game...


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Raking in the Editor Choice Awards

Galactic Civilizations II is receiving praise all over the place and has already received several Editors Choice Awards. Great to see that so many reviewers and gamers are enjoying the game!

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"Stardock took a real chance in 2003 when they released an old-school turn-based strategy game, a genre most other game companies have given up on. If that game wasn't perfect, it can be seen in retrospect as a necessary stepping stone to the gameplay wonder that's currently running on my desktop computer. Master of Orion is dead. Long live Galactic Civilizations II!"

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"Galactic Civilizations II is a strategy gamer's dream, boasting a rare mix of depth, customizability, humor, and replayability."

"The Good: Extremely customizable gameplay provides superb replayability; the best ai in strategy gaming; very cool ship designer that significantly contributes to gameplay; truly viable variable victory conditions; will keep you up all night playing "just one more turn".

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"Galactic Civilizations II is a worthy sequel, improving the franchise significantly in many ways without losing sight of what made it great. We’re impressed with how simple the game has stayed while adding so much depth."

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"Fun and enjoyment wise nothing has touched Galactic Civilization II this year and we'll be surprised if that stance changes in December. Stardock and Paradox have without doubt created a hugely enjoyable and highly customizable space simulation that deservers every ounce of your attention. Immersive and addictive, Galactic Civilization II is the perfect compliment for the megalomanic Galactic Commander desperate for that extra control."

Monday, March 06, 2006

Publisher interview

Curious to see what the future holds for Paradox? Check out this publisher interview on the Wargamer where Jim Zabek digs deep into the mind of Director of Publishing Fredrik W Lindgren.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Hong Kong... and GalCiv2

Just came back from a trip to Hong Kong. It was impressing to see how far they have come in online gaming concepts. We would really like to try online games to see how strategy games would do in this area.

An hour ago I visited our local EB Games store in Stockholm and they were sold out on the first shipment of GalCiv2. For those who are interested in getting the steelbook limited edition it is time to hurry up...