Monday, November 20, 2006

Next Generation downloads

We just released a new version of Gamers Gate. Now we're geared up for a great 2007, starting with Europa Universalis 3.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Release dates

Finally a release date decided for EU3. January 23 in North America and January 26 in Europe. Other markets to be decided, we need to get that d*** Australian age rating on the box :)

For Frontline: Fields of Thunder we aim for end of February.

For "un-named sci-fi game" we aim for March. For "another game we are currently evaluating" we might aim for late March. I guess you'll all find out within a few weeks...


Monday, November 06, 2006


It is always great to visit other countries. I spent the past weekend in Moscow and this was my fourth time in the Russian capital in one and a half years. The reason for my visit was mainly the Igromir show (a Russian version of E3) and to promote EU3 to the Russian press. The show was very much like E3; loud and lots of people.

We also found some REALLY interesting strategy games from well-known teams and had the chance to visit Nival Interactive and discuss the development on Frontline: Fields of Thunder. This game is going back to basics with the more hardcore-oriented gameplay of Blitzkrieg 1, it should really be something for our gamers.

We also had the chance to drink vodka (what else?) with some people from THQ and Buena Vista Games as well as visiting the street market. Next time you'll see me I'll be wearing a Russian hat and a CSKA hockey shirt. Or maybe not...