Sunday, January 29, 2006

Take Command 2nd Manassas

Working with the Paradox development team has made me accustomed to games that hold incredible historical depth and detail. However, I still find it fascinating to see the approach that the guys from MadMinute Games have taken to this in Take Command 2nd Manassas.

The 5 gigantic battle maps in the game are all made based on reasearch from the Library of Congress and I've seen numerous screenshots placed next to photos of actual places and in comparison they are almost identical. Now that's realism!

This title has the potential to become huge in the US for obvious reasons but with the great and challenging gameplay as well as the replayability of carryover techtrees, 48 scenarios and more this is definitely something for strategy fans anywhere. I have already been getting e-mails from players anxious to get a hold of their own copy.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New York

Paradox Interactive has been a global publisher for a few years now and North America is one of the markets where we are particularly strong. Our publishing business world-wide has increased from a couple of titles each year to a fantastic 5 title line-up, and that's just for the first half of 2006!

As PR and Marketing manager I have traveled to the US quite extensively to meet with writers for the bigger sites and magazines like Gamespot and PC Gamer but also specialist media like the Wargamer and Armchair General. It's great to meet all these dedicated people who have turned their passion into careers, and showing our games in person, games which are often very rich in detail and scope, allow for interesting discussions and questions.

So when Paradox asked me if I wanted to move to New York to set up a fully functioning US office, I did not have to think about it very long. While I'll continue to work with PR and Marketing, my focus this year will be to ensure this New York office is around long after I've returned to Sweden. So in a few weeks I'll make the transition across the Atlantic and continue to strengthen Paradox Interactive's position in North America. I can't wait!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Galactic Civilizations II

We are getting closer to a release of Galactic Civilizations II and the anticipation in the office is mounting! I know we have mentioned it before but our limited edition DVD Steelbook is shaping up to become a real collectors item and it's great to be premiering this format on such a fitting title.

Now that we know so many of you enjoy the extra material we have started putting in our boxes, we have managed to pull some strings and will pack this box with goodies. A big 4 color poster with the tech tree on both sides, a 4 color manual filled with all you need to know as well as an introduction to all our surrounding services like the forum, the web shop, the download site etc.

Now we just have to keep our graphics designer on the correct side of sanity while we introduce our ideas for coming titles :-).


Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year!

A New Year and new challenges to conquer! With our busiest line-up yet for 2006, we have spent most of the holidays creating plans for the months to come.

Galactic Civilizations II (Europe) Gal Civ II website
Hearts of Iron II Doomsday (Worldwide) Doomsday
Take Command 2nd Manassas (Worldwide) Mad Minute Games
Rush for Berlin (North America) Rush for Berlin website
Heart of Empire Rome (North America)

All are titles we are very excited to be publishing but I keep dreaming about Drengin Lords and Civil War heroes - does that mean I'm taking my job a bit too seriously?

A New Year requires New Year resolutions and the team has made a few. Developers all over will claim that as long as a game is good enough it will sell and market itself, however having worked in the industry for a while, I've seen that packaging/marketing/sales is quite significant. If gamers do not know about your game, it does not matter how fantastic it is. So these are our resolutions for the year:

1. We will sign at least 2 new and exciting titles for 2006, current line-up not included.
2. We will have 75,000 members on our forums by the end of 2006. Currently we have 51,000.
3. We will update this blog once a week, holidays excluded.

See ya!

Kind regards
Susana Meza