Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007... a Happy New Year!

We're not even there yet, but we can already say that 2007 is a good year for Paradox Interactive. Europa Universalis 3, Frontline: Fields of Thunder and several new contracts for Gamers Gate makes us dream of a very Happy New Year.

We get more and more requests from distributors, publishers and developers who want to work with Paradox and Gamers Gate which feels like a proof that we're doing the right things.

Our plan for next year will be to combine download only products, like Victoria: Revolutions, with box products and some minor upgrades available through Gamers Gate for our current games portfolio. Remember where you heard it first :)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

EU3 collectors

We always sell some boxes directly to our community and the level of interest from our gamers have never been higher than with the release of Europa Universalis 3. The Collectors Edition box will be limited to one print run and therefore all people interested need to get their hands on the box within the first weeks of release. We normally do not order that many boxes for our own web shop, but I hope we ordered enough. Judging from the first day of sales I am not so sure.

It is always great to see such interest and dedication from our gamers.


Friday, December 08, 2006


Just came back from the Game Connection in Lyon. It seems like everyone didn't have the same opinion on the market situation. While some people openly declared that there are no good independent game developers anymore, I would like to say the exact opposite. Instead of "bubble economy" games where people need "only 2.5M EUR to complete the game" I found more small, hard-working, indie developers than ever before. From my point of view the business has gone from all flash to being actually some substance. I appreciate and welcome this progress.