Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Valusoft and other things

We just added Valusoft to Gamers Gate. They have a wide range of products that we haven't worked with before including Casual games and Kids games. We are really looking forward to see how this develops.

The cover art of Combat Mission: Shock Force is close to complety. Nice to have a modern warefare cover for once :)

We are in negotiations on some other titles as well, including sci-fi and historical settings. More updates the coming weeks.


Friday, March 23, 2007

First reviews... again

Frontline: Fields of Thunder is getting some good first reviews:

Strategy Informer gives it 80%:
"If you played Blitzkrieg, you're going to be super excited by what Frontline has to throw at you."

Game Industry News rates Frontline 4/5:
If you like big battles and plenty or realism, then Frontline is the game for you.

Gamers Gate is also developing nicely. We just added our Kids tab with two games so far. Keep an eye on the site the coming weeks since we have a lot of things planned for release.