Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Omnium rerum principia parva sunt (Cicero)

Cicero's quote is of course especially true for Rome, which started as a tiny city-state and turned into an Empire beyond anything the world had ever seen.

Things are busy here at Paradox before the holiday season. The dev-team is working intensely on Europa Universalis: Rome. The beta has opened and we are busy looking at the initial feedback. So far so good.

Personally I have been really happy with the design of the EU: Rome box. That is what our Art Director Stefan Thulin along with Josefina and me have been working on these last days. I think this box has a real shot at becoming a classic. Along with the special we are planning for the web shop orders this makes for the most fun I have had for a product… ever! You will see.

Let me also take this opportunity to, from all of us here at Paradox, wish you Happy Holidays and a great and prosperous 2008!

Florian Santer